Care & Compassion Fund

The Care and Compassion Fund is used to recognize Deputies and Civilian employees for their hard work, dedication, and years of service in the Sheriff’s Office. This recognition is inaugural for the Sheriff’s Office. The recipients for 2021 are the following:

Recipient 1 has experienced many hardships this year. She experienced the loss of her father, battled COVID and was hospitalized. During these two experiences the accrued sick leave was depleted. She was injured while on duty requiring surgery and is out of work on Workman’s Compensation. This single mother works very hard to provide for her family.

Recipient 2 has been employed with CCSO since February 1994, she is a widow and has only her work and church family as support. Her appliances were purchased in 1976 and 1982. All of her appliances are outdated and need to be upgraded or replaced. She does her own lawn care. Her work ethic is exemplary and can be counted on when the need occurs. This support will lift her spirts for the Holidays.

Recipient 3 experienced a rough year. In January he contracted COVID, was hospitalized and out of work for three weeks. In July while working in the Detention Center he suffered a stroke causing him to be out of work for approximately four months. While out of work and on light duty he has not been afforded overtime and has fallen behind on his obligations. This support will help this young man get back on his feet while he continues rehabilitation. 

Recipient 4 A Deputy passed away July 2, 2021, leaving behind three sons. The minor children were left with a family friend. The children’s mother passed away approximately seven years ago. Support will allow these young boys to experience love the first Christmas without both parents. 

Recipient 5 is a diligent hard working civilian employee. She is the single parent of two teenage girls. She was placed in a part-time employee position and incurred a cut in pay for over a year. She has returned to full time status, however, without benefits this year she is challenged financially. 

Recipient 6 is a civilian employee. She and her husband were hit by COVID which resulted in her husband being hospitalized and out of work. She has returned to work but they have experienced financial hardship. 

Again, we thank them for their hard work, dedication and “Excellence in Service.” We look forward to their ongoing contributions and future with us, as the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office moves from “Good too Great”.