Cobb Sheriff’s Foundation Founding Board of Directors


The Cobb Sheriff’s Foundation announces the newly appointed Founding Board of Directors.

The citizen’s of Cobb County can rest assured that the board is elated to support the community in any way possible. The Cobb Sheriff’s Foundation will be led by a Board of Directors committed to supporting deputies and their families and providing needed resources to ensure a world-class sheriff’s office.

The newly appointment board is appreciated for their willingness to serve, and trust that the Sheriff’s Office, the community and the Foundation will always value their time, support and advisement.

The Foundation through its mission, vision and goals will fill an important need within the Cobb communities, and we know that the board will find serving the community rich and rewarding.

Over the past several years, many groups and organizations have placed a great emphasis on nonprofit governance. Donors, foundations, and the press have also placed a greater emphasis on nonprofit governance. We will strive to maintain a Board that promotes a culture that meets the new generation of nonprofit standards and meeting these new standards will be the best way to fulfill our mission and keep our organization viable.

  • Brent C. Brown – Chair & Founding Member
  • Frank Wigington – Vice Chair & Founding Member
  • J. Dan Oliver – Treasurer & Founding Member
  • Ravi Puri – Secretary & Founding Member
  • Governor Roy E. Barnes – Founding Member
  • Eddy Benoit, Jr. – Founding Member
  • Phyllis G. Collins – Founding Member
  • Steve Ewing – Founding Member
  • Reverend Edwina Graham – Founding Member
  • Kim Gresh – Founding Member
  • Beverly McAfee – Founding Member
  • Chesley McNeil – Founding Member
  • Colin Meaders – Founding Member
  • Tod Miller – Founding Member
  • Sharon Owens – Founding Member
  • Mitch Rhoden – Founding Member
  • Alan Schneiderman – Founding Member
  • Malcolm “Cooter” Swanson – Founding Member
  • Pam Younker – Founding Member
  • Robert G. Haley – Foundation Founder & Executive Director

Welcome to the Newly Appointed Board & We look forward to great work within the community!