A Message from Sheriff Owens

Cobb Sheriff’s Foundation, Inc.

Dear Citizens of Cobb County,

It is with a vision of collaboration and support for our deputies and agency personnel I personally endorse the Cobb’s Sheriff’s Foundation, Inc., a non-profit public charity. The Foundation through partnerships with the private sector, public sector, and other foundations will strive to provide resources for the areas that are critical to the education, health, safety, and security of the citizens of Cobb County.  

In coordination with the Community Engagement Division, the Foundation will provide funding to implement or enhance community programs, initiatives, and projects that create a greater opportunity for all and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Cobb County.
Improving the quality of life for the citizens in our communities and augmenting the Sheriff’s Office support, the Foundation is a “win-win” for all.

Warmest Regards, 

Craig D. Owens, Sr.

Sheriff, Cobb County